14K Mini Heart Hoops

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14K Mini Heart Hoop Earrings 

  • Made with real 14k yellow gold
  • High-polish finished hoop with satin finished gold heart center
  • 13mm wide (measured at widest part)
  • 13.2mm tall (not including snap closure)
  • Hollow stamped hoop earring providing a lightweight feel
  • 14k stamping included on snap closure


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  • Designed in California
Jewelry Care Guide
Gold jewelry is precious, but it is also a soft metal. Follow our care instructions to ensure your favorite pieces never lose their shine.

To keep your gold jewelry in its optimal condition, we recommend storing your pieces away from others in a dry place such as a jewelry box. This prevents unintentional scratches or dents.

Over time, gold can lose its structure from constant exposure to chlorine. We recommend, removing your pieces before entering a pool or spa facility.

Likewise, limit exposure to other chemicals such as those that can be found in perfume, lotion and makeup as these can effect the integrity of your gold pieces.

Be sure to remove items before bathing as soap buildup may produce a film over your jewelry, dulling its luster and shine.

When looking to clean your pieces, gently use a polishing cloth to remove any buildup or residue. (Or for a more professional clean, use an ultrasonic cleaner.)

By following these care instructions, your precious gold pieces will truly last forever.

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